Blackstone Townhomes Branding

Problem: To market and sell Blackstone Townhomes, located in North Seattle, to a younger demographic.

Located in a fast-growing and competitive area of Seattle, our design and marketing solution needed to be attention grabbing, have a high-end feel without feeling expensive, outpricing this area.

Solution: We developed a brand that would be inviting and friendly. The logo has a cabin-feel to it, while still saying quality. The collateral and advertising materials that were developed echo this idea, using high energy photography and effective graphics throughout. We started with the logo, then developed the website, signage, brochures, advertisements, posters, presentation center graphics, email marketing campaigns, landing pages to effectively gather customer information, letterhead and business cards.

Payoff: The campaign gained a high level of success as it resonated with the younger audience and produced sales of 75% of its 80 units well ahead of the four month deadline.